Perfect for rental yards, landscapers, golf courses and pruning crews, the high-capacity Eeger Beever 812 Brush Chipper is easy to transport and operate. Plus, it’s the only chipper in its class to combine both a wide infeed chute opening and 1.25" (3.17 cm) thick chipping disc for a greater chipping capacity than comparable models. The 812 has a 251-pound (114 kg) disc and shaft weight, which provides more inertia to power through material and continuously feed material. With a single top feed wheel compression system and 32.3 ci hydraulic motor with spring-assisted down pressure, the 812 generates more than 2,300 lb/ft (3,118 Nm) of material pulling force and approximately 1,000 lb/ft (1,356 Nm) of combined down pressure to easily feed a variety of materials.