HAAS Green Waste Shredder, stationary 
Type HMH-E 650 x 1.600
in very good condition

machine-no.:                    33.080
operating hours:             2.031 h
year of construction:     2010

for the shredding of waste wood and green waste
final product:    approx. 0-50 mm/0-80mm/0-100mm
                depending on screen size 
                (other sizes possible)
incl. electric motor:        250 kW
incl. horizontal evacuation conveyor belt: 1.400 mm x 6.300 mm
incl. screen with perforation:    ø 50 mm (or as requested)
incl. support construction
incl. Switch board and IFM display
incl. remote control with the functions: Start, Stop, 
Infeed bunker reverse
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Haas High Speed Shredder

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